I mainly shoot digital on my mirror-less Sony α series and Fujifilm X-series of cameras. I love the sharpness on Sony and the grain on Fujifilm.

As for analog photography I use my Pentax Spotmatic SPII, Minolta H-Matic 7s and Minolta X-370. I enjoy meditating by revealing analogs in my dark room where my secrets are buried and its doors remain always closed to outlanders of Poetry. I use the modest Fujicolor C200 & Kodak Pro Image100 and the amazing Kodak 400TX & Ilford HP5 Plus 400.

I own an extensive collection of prime vintage lenses in M42 and Minolta MD mounts and I love using them for my videos and photos. I am specially amazed by the character of Carl Zeiss Pancolar 50mm f1.8, Minolta MD 50 mm f/1.4, Helios-44-2 58mm f2, Jupiter 9 85mm f2 and Pentacon 29mm f2.8. Sigma 30mm f1.4 Contemporary DC is my on the go digital lens.

I enjoy it manual same as in love-making. My eyes are my light-meters.

Here, I will be publishing few sample photo albums straight from the camera and with reduced quality.